Tuesday, 6 April 2010

sighing list

6. travel the world / round world trip
7. win a nobel prize
8. perform an act of pure kindness
9. perform a sacrificial act in the name of what is just and loving
10. learn a fourth language
11. find immortality in religion, or die trying
12. write a play and/or book
13. run a marathon
14. sing, sing until my heart bleeds out and my lungs give out
15. memorise a biblical (in nature) text [the quran]
16. stop hating
17. be happy, in its entirety. kind of like buddhism's oneness with all
18. be independent
19. find pragmatic love, instead of hopeless romanticism
20. draw an oil painting on canvas (which doesn't suck monkey balls)
21. publish a paper in nature magazine (science magazine is fine, too)

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